The Secret Life of Paper Scrapes: Workshop with Sveta Nosova
Everyone is familiar with such a technique as applique. However, it is often perceived as something frivolous, suitable only for children's crafts. Meanwhile, applique is a fascinating process for adults too. This technique was very much appreciated by Claude Monet, Juan Miró and other famous artists.
Samizdat room (Art center ‘Pushkinskaya-10’, Ligovskiy Prospect, 53C, 3rd floor)
Sat., November 18
18:00 (MSK)
Participation: free of charge, please sign up to reserve a spot
Sveta Nosova has been using the applique technique in her works for a long time and is ready to tell the participants about marvelous transformations of paper scraps. During the workshop you will:
⁃ learn about famous artists working in the technique of applique;
⁃ do exercises to develop creative thinking;
⁃ create your own abstraction style applique.

Participants can bring their own materials to the workshop - paper scraps of different shapes and sizes.