from the inside
Ekaterina Vagina X Gallery 84, Novosibirsk
Globally, 100 billion garments are produced every year. Fashion industry waste reaches 92 million tons. Stores are forced to incinerate or landfill unsold goods that have lost their relevance. And some of the goods go to secondhand stores. However, commission stores often accept only new things, so worn clothes, even in satisfactory condition, often end up in a landfill. ‘Dressed from the Inside’ is an interactive project that invites gallery visitors to enter the exhibition by giving away their old unwanted stuff. All brought items will be stitched together into a single monolithic canvas that will grow and change with the arrival of new guests and their belongings. The project will last 4 weeks, after which the collected items will be donated to ‘Upcycle, ’a local upcycling brand, to create new items.
The exhibition project will consist of 3 elements:
1) Creation of a monolithic canvas from old clothes;
2) Exhibition of photographs about landfills of the world and Novosibirsk;
3) Supporting events: lectures on "Ecology in Art", "Harmful Art", etc.; workshops on upcycling and waste minimization in art and creative industries, etc.

"We've been thinking about creating an exhibition project for a long time, but we really didn't want the project to carry the stigma of 'greenwashing'. We wanted to embed the issue into the art, not just highlight it. And bringing together a gallery and a landfill - something that is contradictory in nature - became the fulcrum for the project"