Pesochnitsa association, Arkhangelsk
Our team wants to bring together people who are interested in urban gardening, to show them that it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. To give them knowledge and resources.

During the ‘Sady Podmaryony*‘ course we plan to talk about rethinking the idea of the garden, restoring permaculture practices and bringing northern plants into the city ("sady podmaryony" (Pomor language) – means "planting mirages"). It is also important for us to raise the more theoretical topic of philosophical approach in the relationship with plants. We will also introduce the course participants to successful plant-urban initiatives from other cities.
During the practical meetings in autumn we will conduct seed collection walks, which we will later systematise and use for landscaping and artistic practices. During the spring practical meetings we will develop and realise small-scale landscaping projects that we plan to create both in city spaces and office / gallery / public spaces.


"Part of our team has a constant desire to bring something green to the city and take care of the green systems already in place. At the same time we feel that we don't have much knowledge in landscaping, a great desire to learn, to help communities around plants and to create new ones!"