Green Museum
Art center ‘Pushkinskaya-10’, St. Petersburg
The main partner of the project in the North-West is the Art center ‘Pushkinskaya-10’.This is an independent cultural space founded by unofficial artists in Leningrad in 1989. After more than thirty years of active work, ‘Pushkinskaya-10’ remains one of the key points on the cultural map of the city and continues to function according to the principles of an artist run commune. Under one roof on the area of 4500 square meters there are a museum, exhibition and concert venues, creative workshops and offices, an archive, a library and a café. Green Transformation will affect several locations at ‘Pushkinskaya-10’: the courtyard, exhibition areas and the creative office.

A set of landscaping works will be carried out in the courtyard. Boxes for plants will be made by team members using scrap lumber. A resource-saving strategy for lighting and heating systems will be developed for the Museum of Nonconformist Art, which occupies several spaces in the art center.
Along with technical solutions, an important part of the work will be the formation of sustainable curatorial approaches to planning and conducting exhibitions and events. Special attention is planned to be paid to the creative office - to expand the separate waste collection program and to establish green procurement.


"We have been thinking about the need to green the art center for a long time. Once, when I was leaving the museum in the evening, I saw our trash container, which had filled to the top in just a couple of days. At that time we were finishing the installation of a large exhibition, and there were some other events going on in parallel. And I thought - we can't do this, we need to do something urgently. Culture and art are wonderful, but this area cannot be free from environmental responsibility. Together with concerned colleagues we managed to initiate some important changes in our work. And thanks to the project we will be able to expand the eco-awareness in our organization and create conditions for sustainable changes. I am sure that this line of work is important not only for our team and artists, but also for our audience."

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