Green Area at the Entrance to Revolt Center
Maria Bazhukova X Revolt Center, Syktyvkar
Revolt Center is an independent cultural space for meetings and interactions. The entrance area of the center also serves as a coffee shop. The project is aimed at greening the entrance area and solves the following problems: reducing air pollution, temperature and noise levels; increasing air humidity; improving the landscape; and decorating architectural objects.
The key idea behind the project is to develop a design and planting plan for perennial crops that will allow the plants to be used for several years.


"At the beginning of the summer, we decided that it would be great to drink coffee outside on warm days and ordered outdoor tables for the coffee shop. But in practice it turned out not to be a good idea, because there were cars driving around, a lot of dust and noise. Then we came up with the idea of making small flowerbeds, planting plants there and thus creating a small green island in the centre of the noisy and dusty city"