Post, Telegraph, Telephone
Filipp Krikunov, Paratunka village, Kamchatka region
‘Post, Telegraph, Telephone’ is a unique project to explore ecological approaches in cultural production. It will take place in Kamchatka region, although not in the well-known Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, but rather in the village of Paratunka. This place is a geothermal centre and a tourist gem of the peninsula.
Together with active residents of the settlement, a sketch was developed to reconstruct a decorative panel located on the building of the communication point, where the Paratunka Museum now operates.

Residents will take part in the work to create a "lighthouse" in one of the most important areas of Kamchatka to draw attention to the careful treatment of nature and sustainable development of settlements and towns. A presentation of the reconstruction results will be held at the Paratunka Museum in early November.

The results of the project will also be presented at the ‘Okruzhayushiy Mir’ exhibition dedicated to critical thinking about the environmental agenda.