Vištytis Upland Taste Palette Workshop Meeting
During the Vištytis Upland Taste Palette Workshop Meeting the authors of the inspiring vegan gastronomic project Polkilo from St. Petersburg will share their experiences.
The focus this time is not only on specific local products, but also on approaches to gastronomy in general, which allow us to reduce waste, in other words, to be more environmentally friendly. We think it is important to study such topics at the Taste Palette workshops and eventually implement them in our own lives and activities.

Elena Voronina and Maria Skvortsova will first talk about the experience of Polkilo, a subscription-based vegan food delivery service they organized in St. Petersburg. Polkilo works on the principle of waste less at all stages of production: they cooperate with local producers and choose suppliers who use recyclable containers, they themselves go to the market with their bags, use products in packaging at a minimum, and sort and recycle the rest. Polkilo refused disposable tableware and never compromised on this principle and developed an alternative - a system with collateralized reusable recyclable containers. Curious, isn't it?

Equally interesting will be what we'll be making with Polkilo next:
- pink perlotto with multicolored carrots from local sorceress Lyubov Vasilievna, with tofu cream-cheese on Kaliningrad soy and kale sauce again from Lyubov Vasilievna
- chocolate fondant made of "unaccustomed" (what was left from perlotto preparation) beets, sprinkled with crispy sweet chips made of carrot peelings.
Are you excited? We are, too! So come on over!

By the way, let's try to reduce the waste from this workshop together, shall we? Thanks to the project "City of the Future. Green Transformation" project, within the framework of which it is held, we realized that we have something to strive for - to try, for example, to avoid using disposable tableware altogether.
Ozerki settlement, Nesterovsky rajon, ‘Usadba Sergeya Zaetsa’ Guesthouse

Participation: free of charge
Sat., October 21, 2023
And we don't have many reusable plates and cups yet. Maybe you could bring your own plates, utensils and cups to the workshop? With a return of course, for your own use, as an alternative to using disposable tableware?

After the workshop we recommend you to visit:

- Vishtynets Ecological and Historical Museum in the village of Krasnolesye, where there is an exhibition of art works (painting, drawing, graphics) by Vitaly Hvaley. The entrance is free of charge for the residents of Krasnolesie;

- Kristijonas Donelaitis Museum in Chistoprudnye Prudy village, where the exhibition "Gracious Sovereign Alexander Nikolayevich" from the funds of the State Museum-Reserve of A.N.Ostrovsky "Shchelykovo" will open the day before, the entrance is free of charge for residents of Chistoprudnye rural settlement.