Meet and Greet with Adrienne Goehler
Adrienne Goehler is the author and curator of the Examples to Follow! Expeditions in Aesthetics and Sustainability exhibition, specializing in arts and culture.
During the meeting, Adrienne will talk about an exhibition that lasted 13 years and spanned 20 cities, including the capitals of Ethiopia, Peru and China, Mumbai, São Paulo, Puebla, Mexico City, Haifa, Jerusalem and several cities in Germany. This exhibition was a kind of investigation into aesthetics and sustainability. Re-opening, existing works were complemented - each time taking into account the context and knowledge of local artists, scientists and environmental activists. The artworks address a wide range of topics from climate change, biodiversity, plastic pollution and others, focusing on issues such as forced displacement, hunger, democratization.

Language: German with simultaneous interpretation Moderator: Angelina Davydova, eco-journalist
Thu., October 21
12:00 (MSK) / 11:00 (CET)

Adrienne will also share basic theoretical principles, how to produce art objects in an environmentally friendly way, what new natural materials exist for the artistic process. She will share her experience on how art can be a conduit for sustainable development, climate and environmental awareness, what formats work and what formats don't.