Opening of the ‘Dressed from the Inside’ Exhibition
"Dressed from the Inside" is an exhibition about ecology and the problem of consumption. It is a great experiment: to combine a garment dump and a gallery of contemporary art.

You can be one of the first witnesses and have a hand in the creation of the canvas at the opening of the interactive exhibition project "Dressed from the Inside".

Eight Four Gallery of Modern Art
(‘Apelsin’ mall, ulitsa Lenina, 84, 2nd floor)

Participation fee: 500 roubles
You can get a 20% discount by using the promocode FRIEND84
Fri., October 6, 2023
On the opening program:
- launch of an interactive project: creating the illusion of a gallery dressed from the inside out
- new works by artists
- an ommage performance with dancer and performer Anastasia
- seasonal treats instead of the usual buffet at the vernissage
Come to the gallery opening on October 6 with an old item that you don't need anymore and sew it to other unnecessary items. Yes, exactly sew it on.

The theme of the project is close to us - we are always in favor of reasonable consumption and ecological approach to things. That is why we support the exhibition and act as its partner. At the end of "Dressed from the Inside" all the clothes sewn on the installation will be sent to GUSTO and people involved in upcycling. Because the life of a thing must go on.