Second Friend
Marijan Kaltakhchyan, Petrozavodsk
The Upcycle Lab ‘Second Friend’ is an eco-friendly laboratory for independent artists, designers and fashion designers. The project events take place in a creative cluster in Petrozavodsk, where like-minded people will unite. Subsequently, they will be able to collaborate and work on projects together, popularize upcycling as an original and relevant creative direction. The participants of the laboratory will get acquainted with local activists and representatives of the eco-sphere, as well as work together with experienced masters.

The results of their work will be presented at the festival, where everyone can meet the participants and learn more about upcycling. The program includes exhibitions and workshops, which are designed to draw the attention of local residents to the problem of consumerism and unsustainable use of resources.
In the future, the lab will continue its activities and engage with initiative groups that want to go green and choose a more sustainable approach to their work.

"I have always wanted to try to show that each of us can make our own contribution, however small, to solving environmental problems. Upcycling is a synthesis of art and ecology, a very close and interesting topic for me. In recent years, I have noticed an increasing interest in upcycling among young people, there are many creative associations that popularize the use of recycled materials in their work. It turns out that everyone has a bag (or even whole storerooms) of unwanted or broken things at home. And instead of filling garbage bins with bags of outdated clothes, yellowed reference books and glossy magazines, old toys, you can create from them stylish, new things with a special history. The laboratory will become a place of creative freedom, where every thing can find a second life and make its owner happy again."