Vištytis Upland Taste Palette
Julia Bardun, Sinaida Shershun, Rominte Heath, Kaliningrad region
The Vištytis Upland Taste Palette project is being organised in the east of the Kaliningrad region on the territory of a unique natural complex - the Vištytis Upland. We organize meetings-workshops for local residents and their guests dedicated to its nature, sustainable development and local gastronomy. The workshops are attended by connoisseurs of culture, nature, the history of cuisine, rural tourism, as well as ecogeographers, farmers, and chefs of the region's leading restaurants. As part of the Green Transformation project, on October 21, 2023, Elena Voronina and Maria Skvortsova, authors of the Polkilo project in St. Petersburg, will hold a Taste Palette workshop on waste-free gastronomy.

Polkilo is a subscription-based delivery service with a diverse vegan menu and a clear concept: a fixed price for a half-kilo portion. Polkilo works on the principle of waste less at all stages of production: they cooperate with local producers and choose suppliers that use recyclable containers, they themselves go to the market with their bags, use products in packaging at a minimum, and sort and recycle the rest.
Polkilo has abandoned disposable tableware and never compromised on this principle, and has developed an alternative - a system with collateralized reusable recyclable containers.

The workshop participants - local residents and their guests, chefs from local restaurants - will get acquainted with a concrete example of how to organize a waste less gastronomic project and together prepare several dishes from local products based on the principles underlying Polkilo's activities.

"Why do we do it? To inspire local people to create local products, strengthen the local community and create reasons for guests to come back here. In the course of the project, many well-known recipes were adapted to local conditions: professional chefs made sweet cream from acorns, ice cream from elderflowers, pkhali from chives, etc., while locals prepared a Vištytis gingerbread with the addition of aira, calgana and gravilat, capers from linden, mulled wine using elderberry juice, etc.We think it is important to think together about how intangible heritage and gastronomic practices help people to be together, to achieve balance, to keep in a broad sense connections with each other, to develop cooperation. We would like to strengthen the ties between people and nature, to create occasions for encounters, joint exploration and sustainable development."