Theater from
Mom's Backpack
Anna Zinovieva, Novosibirsk
Theater from Mom's Backpack is a family performance in the genre of "object theatre", telling children about environmental issues. With the help of the simplest things from mum's bag we tell the story of the origin of life on earth, evolution, technological progress, the emergence of the era of consumption and our future - what could happen to the earth if we litter it with rubbish.

The plot consists of little parables that the actors and the director compose after immersing themselves in the theme of the play. We use upcycling to create the costumes for the play.
To create scenery and props - reuse. Playing in schools, youth centres, kindergartens we use the principle of resource saving. The audience does not need to get to the theatre, and the actors do not need to transport the scenery, because the performance fits in one big suitcase.

"In theatre, objects become characters. They have a character and a destiny. We wanted to give voice to a plastic bottle or a plastic bag, a bottle or a broken mercury thermometer. They all live in a rubbish dump and ponder the future. We eavesdrop on their conversation and learn things we didn't know before! It turns out that rubbish may soon become the master of our planet and begin to control it! This is just a fantasy, a game - a scary game, with which we want to talk about the ecological catastrophe to which our planet is approaching, if people do not change their lives "